About Us

Who is Techscension?

We're a team that started from a guy and his fiancée needing to stare at screens all day as WFH took over their lives. As expected, he needed a curved ultrawide for "work" and an evening full of sweaty lobbies. What they didn't expect was side of sore, tired eyes. After many reddit threads, forums, hopeful purchases of over-priced "premium" products and ones with (in our opinion, gimmicky and prone to failure) wireless control knobs that ended in lengthy returns - they decided to source one themselves.

The pair looked for products that were made of high quality materials, thoughtful designs, meaningful usability, and ultimately - strong value for money. After narrowing down the best and most reliable suppliers, they found LYMAX light bars to be the perfect fit. The pair now use the Curved LYMAX Light Bar with their Samsung Neo G9 and the Original LYMAX Light Bar with their Dell UltraSharp. They've done all the research and testing so you don't have to.

Take the guesswork out of your search for the best monitor light bar. Shop with Techscension to know you are getting the best because we only use the best.